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Theme Description

Praxis is a responsive WordPress theme with powerful visual elements. The design is an intricate mix of CSS animations and 3D visual effects.

Praxis WordPress Theme

Praxis comes with many widgets and plugins and uses custom fonts. E.g. with the Side Widget you can create floating buttons that stay in place when scrolling. These buttons can be positioned left or right, as well as inside or outside the theme wrapper.

RokSprocket Plugin

RokSprocket is a revolutionary plugin for WordPress designed to give you an incredible level of control over how you present your content. Sophisticated content filters, robust layout modes, multiple content providers, and a streamlined no-nonsense interface. With the RokSprocket plugin you can showcase content in a Strips or Tabs layout:

Strips displays rotatable content blocks horizontally. This allows users to showcase small sections of content whether that be text or images.

Tabs is an additional layout that has specific Praxis styling. It is a simple layout that displays content in tabs. The tabs can be located to the top, bottom, left, or right of the content. Tabs is perfect for displaying voluminous content within a small space.

RokAjaxSearch Widget

RokAjaxSearch widget is a configurable search widget that uses AJAX to load results via a styled popup. It can be set to local or Google search, inclusive of web, image, video and blog. Results are paged and can be accessed via buttons or keyboard commands.

Screenshots Of Various Templates

Home Page

Praxis WordPress Theme Home Page

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Blog Page Template

Praxis WordPress Theme Blog Page Template

Blog Post

Praxis WordPress Theme Blog Post


Praxis WordPress Theme Features

  • Responsive Layout
  • 8 Preset Styles
  • 76 Widget Positions
  • 1200 Fixed Option
  • 10 Styled Widget Variations
  • Structural Widget Variations
  • 960 Fixed Option
  • Dropdown-Menu and Split-Menu
  • Custom Typography
  • Custom Logo Option
  • Mobile Menu
  • Social Buttons Option

Gantry Core Features

  • Configurable Grid Sizes
  • Date Display
  • Font Sizer
  • Font Selector
  • Login Panel
  • Popup Panel
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Copyright
  • To-Top Scroller
  • Load Transitions
  • Mainbody and Content Toggle
  • Basic RTL Support
  • Page Suffix Support
  • IE7 Redirect Page

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